A/W 2012 STYLE ALERT // Gothic


By Guest Blogger: Georgina Goodman 

// Gothic is looking to be very big this Autumn / Winter relying heavily on the use of lace, velvet, studs and lot of leather, but it’s not Goth as you know it, it’s all about Christian emblems and sex appeal, maybe a little bit of inspiration from S&M but in a fashionable way. It’s very dark and rich but it’s not just black, we are getting the likes of burgundies, plumbs, bottle greens and oranges coming though as well.

Elleuk.com recommends layering black on black, wearing leather with lace, and advises not to be afraid of a few spikes or studs.

Gucci is one of the big designers who are giving this trend a go with their big, ‘crushed velvet coats and lace and velvet dresses with leather gloves and jackets.’ They have described their collection as ‘Romantic but not cute-romantic, it has a confidence’.
source: style.com
source: asos

This trend has already hit the high streets, I’m sure you’ve seen the asymmetric khaki tops with the huge studded crosses on them and the studded leather jacket about and it is just going to get bigger and bigger.

If you don’t want to break the bank then you can find yourself a range of Gothic styles all at a very reasonable price. There are studded jumpers and jackets everywhere you look and as well as normal looking leather I’m seeing a lot of high shine PU materials. Velvet is not as big yet and a little bit harder to find online but it is definitely creeping its way in too.


source: motel rocks


 source: river island


source: asos


How are you wearing this trend?



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